The reparations conversation is getting out of hand and misunderstood. There are several ill-informed individuals (Black people too) who are under the assumption that every living Black person wants a lump sum of money. #ThatIsNotTheCase.


  • Changing the narrative that Black people are savages
  • Building Black Businesses to create jobs
  • Creating a complete and accurate curriculum on racism
  • Making Black History mandatory in schools
  • Closing the racial wealth gap
  • Rebuilding communities
  • Ending mass incarceration
  • Ending the political divide that has kept the feet of both major parties on our necks
  • Demanding that people who are “not marginalized” (aka those who run the corrupt systems) take an active part in fixing the racial wealth gap and speaking out against racism
  • Giving our kids a fighting chance
  • Continue the discussion on how “supremacy” and racism is at the center of marginalized communities receiving little to no help
  • The list goes on…

The years of injustice towards a whole group of people based on skin color alone, and the benefits that people today reap from those injustices… is enough to say… #RunUsOurMoney …

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